Sunday, 7 August 2011

An Empty Bed

That right there is where he would lie; faithful Friend, Brother, Lover
Where Grandad did die. One last flick of life behind his closed eye.
There holds a sea of eternal impossibility, where only dreams dare
Swim if there where a body to wash up on.
We fear the bed sheets hide the bodies, bury these characters in deep
Sand dunes. Where they fall out of precious reality, we can only
Savor the sweet remains- scraps of scent, tousle the tender shape
Of where they've lain. Hopefully one day again.
The nightmares should be treasured, as the gold left swilling in our
Chests will slowly slip away through the rainbows on our skin,
Bruises left on my shin. The ghosts of their touch dying within and
Every second that moves- so do they, away.
Emptiness rears it's regal head, as if the naked bed where akin to
Your soul. The desolate plains remain bereft of the love they once
Gave, the severity of sudden nothingness sweeps inside like an
Unforeseen kiss. What is honestly left to miss?

My own bed waits, hesitates. I don't have time to lay cold and dead,
When my heart beats so violently inside of my chest. If someone should
Wait on my bed as I hold onto his, well, another empty bed awaits to be
Reminisced. Forever please bind me to this moment of bliss sadness.

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