Wednesday, 20 July 2011

We Run, I Smile

I run, i run
We run
We smile
Do you feel like a man?
Feel the world about to end
Danger calls us
Be my insicurities
The dying leaves
On has-been trees
I run
One last shot
From your bloodshot eyes
One chance of redemption
The day is done
Forever deserving
To sing myself to sleep
Your everything
Where does she lie?
Run to the end of the world
How can we stand
And not be moved?
It must have been something she said.


Jesus of Suburbia

I'm not the prince of anything-
Just the king of the streets.

Looking up at the lights in the night sky
Hear the car alarms ring deeply in my heart.
Telling stories about the big fight last night
The short era where we felt things unknown.
Eventually time will slow
As the bullet sinks slowly deeper-
Once you start playing it gets easier.
I’ll live as strongly as I can
That’s as good as it gets.
Firing words until they reach someone
And using bible pages to roll cigarettes


One Little Memory

The vague orange light sways
In an indescribable breeze,
The leftover crumbs of air
Passed through my window
By the trees.

Through this cool stream lies
The scent of sweet salt, just
Like the rich drops of
Sweat racing off  red-hot
Flesh and lust.

In the back of my mind plays
A tired old scene from my
Hopeless young dreams,
And the sensations haunt
Where I lie.

Held in the moment everything
Is insignificant, unaware of
It's purpose to be, oh little
Does it know it's my last
Hold on love.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

July Showers

Cushioned against a gossamer curtain of rain,
The telegraph wires barely set a shadow of indentation.
I wake, shake off heavy dreams
And make peace with the pale grey day.
Leaves drip off their skeletons, hang by a thread,
And shake with ripples of wind as I roll out of bed.
Pearls of water run down the lacy wires,
Thick strands of liqourice balancing tiny diamonds.
That sparkling sound, that silver crackle like fire-
Leaves whisps of the nighttime smoldered and smited.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Flower Displays

And so left hollow like a china vase,
The pools drip slow and flow uncertainly out.
And the rim is sweet, delicate and tender,
Left chipped by bitter deceit that it
Was fulfilled. Once filled with flowers
And fleshy with love, not resentment
Or disappointment. Wilting affection.
And it feels like an empty room
Between them, hollow as a discarded

Friday, 8 July 2011

À travers les couches de ciel qui sépare nos âmes

Like an Ariel roaring, all claws and teeth, it pounces
And with the majesty of the deep blue sea pushing forward from the center of the Earth,
Cursed with the slumped shoulders of a titan, lava limping and lunging it's weight
Over the hill- the clouds rise and roll towards us, cloaked in a fushia elixir.