Thursday, 30 June 2011

One Corner Of The World

The sweetest sight I'd ever seen, lay sprawled across eternity like a dream-
A vast, pure wave of untouched blue swept over my head and the hillsides too.
Not even a bird dared disturb it,
And I didn't wish to intrude.

So swamped in the depths of the grass I lay, of thick furry tufts and streaks of hay.
Snuck next to wildflowers, mere wisps of yellow and purple, and stayed for hours-
Just waiting for the day to pass.
And gazing at the glinting golden city,

Snuggled into a small crevice amoungst a thousand farmer's fields, a shining speck.
Overgrown with tourists searching for something special, like fish upon a shipwreck.
Like astronauts in space.
Like with everything you never knew you had- look down.

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