Thursday, 30 June 2011

One Corner Of The World

The sweetest sight I'd ever seen, lay sprawled across eternity like a dream-
A vast, pure wave of untouched blue swept over my head and the hillsides too.
Not even a bird dared disturb it,
And I didn't wish to intrude.

So swamped in the depths of the grass I lay, of thick furry tufts and streaks of hay.
Snuck next to wildflowers, mere wisps of yellow and purple, and stayed for hours-
Just waiting for the day to pass.
And gazing at the glinting golden city,

Snuggled into a small crevice amoungst a thousand farmer's fields, a shining speck.
Overgrown with tourists searching for something special, like fish upon a shipwreck.
Like astronauts in space.
Like with everything you never knew you had- look down.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Invisible Man

The elusive invention of my imagination,
He calls at night and gnaws my senses numb,
He haunts the day until I succumb.

I stand in your shadow; my dirty little secret.

He wakes me with your deliciously sweet sighs,
The peaceful patter of your drumming fingers.

He holds me in your hoodie, in the smell of your
Body- your beating heart.

He looks into me with those big, bottomless
Eyes he stole from you, knows no matter how
Hard he tries it's never enough.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Panic Attacks

I've been here a thousand times before,
And God knows I'll be here a million times more-
Collapsed on my knees, resolution in hand.

My spine gently sways me into stillness
Scattered around the room, the echoes of illness
Flutter insanely between my ignorant ears.

Words are beautiful little things but they
Are useless here, just familiar trembling stutters
So gorgeous fill the gaps only I know.

Flustered fingers reach for something
Even vaguely resembling reality, or unbelievable
Deity to hang onto and never ever let go.

The slow rhythm of relaxed but relentless
Blood flows through my soul, like a lullaby singing
Me into eternal slumber like a little princess.

But the cogs whir in my head, they turn
And tumble over each other in an attempt to be
Heard. But it's useless, I can't hear a word.

I've loved a thousand men before,
And God knows I'll love another million more-
Collapsed on my knees, heart in hand.