Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poem 43

How do I love thee? Let me question the ways.
'Tis not passion nor sweet devotion, feverish obsession-
Just awkward seduction, unbelievable attachment.

No lightning bolts striking my heart down where it
Slowly dances, only soft lulls of heavenly quiet.

I couldn't offer you golden pendant promises hanging
Off my lying lips, or sacrifice the Earth for you.

And this little love of mine couldn't last forever,
Living in the poised suspension of insane reality.

Is love the wide open expanse of unconceivable possibility,
Or old, forgotten, crumbling fingers cradling the past? 

Is love enduring the green depths of the changing tides,
Or falling through a thousand miles of thunderstorms ?

If God choose, I shall know what love truly is after death.

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