Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bad Dreams

I couldn't run away, I couldn't fight them-
My holy ghosts.
The memories I placed on a pedal stool
So I couldn't reach them.
The possibilities I dared not dream,
Should I love them.
The golden fringes bordering reality,
Because I fear them.
The roles I've played can contain me, as
I agreed to play them.
The promises I'm yet to make, and yes
I'll surely break them.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Night Dances

As moonlight saunters down my window pane
I sleep, I dream, I fall insane.
As dust does dance across my face
I dream of beauty and unnatural grace.
As my book hangs from my fingertips
My eyes are blinded from my waltzing lips,
As they speak of love and fright,
He takes up my solitary sight.
As starlight skips over my hiding eyes
I have faith in my own lies,
And as the sun dares peak over my windowsill
Know that I will dream of him still.
23rd April 2009

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Little Hurricane

Devil ran his fingers through your scraps of hair,
Leaving a trail of unpure thoughts everywhere-
Like the remains of sunshine in the raindrops that
Fall from a blinding white sky. Taste them on your tongue.

I called out for a body, for a boy, something to
Call my own, bones and flesh I could call home.
You ripped through my innocent heart- I asked
For God. I was sent my little hurricane here to love me again.

Captured in some dream-like state, we slipped away
To the fine line between right and wrong- met halfway.
Sold my soul to make peace with my demons, you
Did what you had to. Your hands washing over my blemished skin...

This is where the fantasy breaks down into a forbidden
Memory, a fractured mirror reflecting wants and needs.
This is whats left when you hurl affection at little ol' me-
Like the remains of sunshine in the raindrops that
Fall from a blinding white sky. Taste them on your tongue.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poem 43

How do I love thee? Let me question the ways.
'Tis not passion nor sweet devotion, feverish obsession-
Just awkward seduction, unbelievable attachment.

No lightning bolts striking my heart down where it
Slowly dances, only soft lulls of heavenly quiet.

I couldn't offer you golden pendant promises hanging
Off my lying lips, or sacrifice the Earth for you.

And this little love of mine couldn't last forever,
Living in the poised suspension of insane reality.

Is love the wide open expanse of unconceivable possibility,
Or old, forgotten, crumbling fingers cradling the past? 

Is love enduring the green depths of the changing tides,
Or falling through a thousand miles of thunderstorms ?

If God choose, I shall know what love truly is after death.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Hands out; a pointless blockade,
Blood stains run out of my veins.
They creep outwards, upwards,
Onwards- with each encounter.

Hands tied behind my back;
A pathetic restraint, I may not
Be pure of heart but dammit
I'm still only innocent you fool.

Hands in yours; couldn't be more
Criminal, more wrong or sinful.
Couldn't be any less true or
Representative of  feelings for you.

Hands over my mouth; truths
Trapped, perceptions relapsed.
Appearances arn't what they're
Supposed to be- believe me.

Hands over your eyes; don't
Look, don't see. Theres so much
You really don't need to know,
Love. I couldn't love you more.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sweet Rain

Five miles as the crow flies
Across the valley of the dead,
The valley of the weeping river
Swallowed by a suburban rain forest of willow trees-
The aching trunks like old bones
Wallowing in the water.

He turns his head, twisted askew,
The shiny little eyes stare at me.
The honest gold, incompressible
Depth, sweeps beside the vine's crying out leaves-
As they twist upwards, seeking
Salvation from the silver skies.

Feathers like slick black oil,
Body arched as he lightly lands
Among the bulging flowers, the
Fat fleshy buds just waiting to explode with colour-
Expose themselves in the summer.
The green valley is drenched in a late April Shower.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Lucas, where did I hide you?
Somewhere between fourteen and sixteen,
Burried underneath a million other memories
I fear I've forgotton.

Sealed inside a can of dreams-
Remedies, I never thought I'd want or need.
You're stranded on the bottom of an ocean
Made of the layers of me.

Lucas, what was your last name?
The relationship we had tries to ellude me,
And your face is drowning in the distant sea.
But I remember your arm-

The lone soldier trying to pull
Me three centimeters further from the road,
From the cars to that one moment I swear
I'll never forget again.