Thursday, 21 April 2011

Time To Pretened

The watch is broken- the game is up.
Chin up, son,
You have forever to think and no more hearts to break.

Rampantly rolling in my forgotten riches,
Feeling my skin tick-tock,
And watching black hearts sway from the shy sycamore trees-

It's no wonder the world is turning on me.
See the pennies drip drop
Off the top of the mountains masking the realization dawning.

The birds scatter with morning first light,
Fly as far as possible away
From the curtain of torrential rain cleaning out the echoes of pain.

With the first fall of leaves and tears
That you've grown, I'll slip
Underground as my blood turns to stone, become a whisper of years

Left all alone.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Third Time's A Charm

You gave me daydreams,
You gave me nightmares-
Heart attacks like terrorist scares.
The thump of my heart shooting rounds like a gun.
And wouldn't you know it,
You sucked all the fun out of first love.

You made me smile,
You made me fight-
Wanted to punch your lights out,
Such a scared little tosser hiding in the corner.
Do you even know what it means,
To keep your own brother?

You drove me crazy,
You where crazy too-
Never thought I'd write poem
For you- or three, or four, or possibly more.
But I really couldn't say,
Because those kinds of numbers would scare myself away.

You wouldn't hold me
You never took my hand-
Yet you can't understand why
I'm frustrated, too tired, too old to play games
That fucked me up in the first place,
Who fucked you up instead of me.

You would look through others, so
You could attempt to look at me-
See the delicate skeleton of the little girl you
Once knew, twice shy, third time's a charm but you're
Way too late, still too young.
And wouldn't you know it,
You sucked all the fun out of first love.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Keeping Sane

I keep my eyes fixed to the sun,
Maybe it's better being blind than the future
Staring through my sorry reflection in the water.

One minute I'm alone by the river,
And then we're lying on a beach,
Naked, just out of each other's precious reach.

BOOM it's midnight, I'm in bed.
Though I've dreamt of stranger things,
Out of the darkness one little name sings loud.

It's snowing by the lonely sea
A haze of summer love songs that
I can't sing to fix everything wrong with me.

With this army of frightening cloudy days
Between us, floating on the horizon
Waiting to pounce and ruin everything.

And theres this hollow scream clawing
Out of my throat, this empty little tree,
Wilting and waiting to see passionate life again.

Or is it hiding from the fat furious sun?
Maybe it's better seeing nothing than the future
Staring through my sorry reflection in the water.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Colours of Craving

The valley echoes of icy violets,
Shy blushing pinks, proud rosy pinks
And deep vivacious greens.
Emeralds and limes, dipped in shadow.

Crisp skyline is a crystal blue,
Edging away from a lonely moon
Swamped and melting into a
Deep indigo hue.

Flicks of fire shine on the hill,
The town turns away from the sorbet sunset.
Here comes the cold to hold me again.
Dying rays sail away from the sun,

Leaving faint birdsong, and me, to think of you.