Friday, 25 March 2011

Just A Hug

The fatefully slowed breathing of love in motion;
See the emotion pass behind the green curtains of his eyes.
And his heartbeat has to be deceitful because
Through the layers of flesh which separates our souls,
My heartbeat is running at a million miles an hour.

The curls of his locks flick down like raining smiles.
See the waxing and waning of my strength, my will,
And although these kind tender hands holding mine are forbidden,
I can't choose which soft sinking lip to kiss first.

The truths I weave into my whispered words are hidden,
See, I won't let myself break his unbelievable heart.
And when I stare up at his entirety, surrounding  me,
There is a starstruck couple of mixed-up teenagers for one moment, no longer lonely. 

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