Monday, 28 March 2011

I've Got A Secret

The crushing obsessions like fearful waves
Crash over my mind in a matter of days.

Rata-tat-tat there goes the guns
To stun the blood pulsing through my veins,

It's the same effect of a thousand sparkling suns,
Clouding my concentration, taking hold of the reigns.

Alcohol can't quench this kind of thirst,
Trust me I've tried, and the memory still haunts in the pitts of my eyes.

You could wash it out with a slither of soap,
Or put a dirty sock in your pie hole to stop the blackbirds blurting out your desires.

And when the pure innocent few stop and stare at you,
Stare at the sticky fingerprints trailed all over town, all over his body, the heaps of fires...

...Burning at your concience.

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