Thursday, 10 February 2011

This Humble Street

Moldy patches of blue where splattered over the thick layer of blinding white cloud.
My eyes where swimming in their sockets searching the sky for the familiar birds that 
flitted across the road, blackbirds and bluetits.
The acres of my mind looked beyond this humble street-
I saw you facing me, and holding me, knowing my restraint was weak. 
And your eyes, the way you spoke and smiled well it swept me off my feet. 

Fading glory swept across the patchwork skies bellowing masses of silent sunshine.
The tiny tap of my cheaply wrapped feet echoes around the rivers of concrete,
Down cascades which fall over the back of the hill.
The acres of my mind looked beyond this humble street-
Remembering standing under your needy stare, I've never felt so meek.
To your broken breathing stroking where our noses meet.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Just when you think it's all over, hasty winds graze your cracked lips 
And dirty daylight washes over your eyes.

Surprised by truth and wrong, the pure droplets 
Flitter down from indigo skies.

The cherry stuck in your throat, speechless you see far too easy to please.
And the vodka sings one final note, under the tunnels of white.

Walking down the road at midnight.