Sunday, 5 December 2010


Given a year of mistaken fumbling and wrong feet taking the left
Fork instead of the right, should give me two to buy at least one
So take a birch branch away and swat the moon away, try to
prevent it sinking into another untimely day. I doubt I've learnt to
When a foot digs crusty and ready down unfurling curls and clods
of mud, weeping waterfalls jump off a side of earth. Dreams of a
I followed a fanciful fall with each thump of it's heart and teetering
compulsion to glorify and magnify. Surely if mistakes where made
The eternity folds rapidly, unchanging. One tree is two I'll give up
My shoe for a slice of the action, I'll remember this time, heart
Attacks are bad.
Thank God it's fatal, I was never one to do things half-heartedly.

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