Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Beggar And The Queen

Hot math, true it ain't easy to do
Doesn't define the rules between beggars and queens.
Living on a dream, does my poor penalties fly 
Out the window- never to be heard only to be seen.
It could be the one small step for
Man, smaller thought for decadent diamonds in the
Rough. Smooth but dusty with aged ignorance.
High as the crow flies it's one less aged goodbye.
There be a mountain on the sea,
And the prospect to great for mighty tramp or royalty.
As the pennies count down i see lust in their eye,
Clasp the other's golden thigh decency is just another penny.
And do the creeping vines bind? 
Satisfy your mind, feast on just their soul captured in
A soup bowl. And no, no love could be true.
Its another act far too easy to do.

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