Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Showers

Drip drip drop
Water tumbles off the crumbling towers made of ice,
The fresh columns of snow washed away by rays of sunshine.
The forests on the hills indecisively buzz between grayscale and sepia
With the setting sun, the floating night waiting to pounce.
Trapped under the snow are leaves as red as the sky,
Thick furry clumps of grass clawing their way to the surface.
And although I can't capture the tap of reluctant water on snow,
I can say a warm goodbye and watch it go.

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Glass Eyes

We are the fabulous retards, living in a white dream.
The flirtatious clouds flutter with gay abandon
Between your bedroom window and my starry eyes.

We are blind to disastrous explosions of war.
They explode like confetti and carelessly collide
Behind our ignorant lazy lids and luscious lashes.

We spread each other's ashes around the prairie.
Each of our fingertips burn with each flick
Of the other's memory, the lives we loved and lost.

We dance around the fragrant lonely funeral pyre.
Civilization knocks around the empty universes between
Our ears, and compassion is another lie to caring about
Any thing but the comfort of the glass eyes.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

False Hope

Orange laps at the gold-plated stand, cautiously.
It seems to have repeated an unnecessary swim to shore.
The moment when land appears in the mind's eye,
Mirrors the beaches of a memory, dream or wish.
Then, hesitantly and awfully regrettably it ducks underwater.
Rather sleep with the fishes then look at me.
Fire laps around the logs like a frivolous sea.

The Beggar And The Queen

Hot math, true it ain't easy to do
Doesn't define the rules between beggars and queens.
Living on a dream, does my poor penalties fly 
Out the window- never to be heard only to be seen.
It could be the one small step for
Man, smaller thought for decadent diamonds in the
Rough. Smooth but dusty with aged ignorance.
High as the crow flies it's one less aged goodbye.
There be a mountain on the sea,
And the prospect to great for mighty tramp or royalty.
As the pennies count down i see lust in their eye,
Clasp the other's golden thigh decency is just another penny.
And do the creeping vines bind? 
Satisfy your mind, feast on just their soul captured in
A soup bowl. And no, no love could be true.
Its another act far too easy to do.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hardly Hercules

You, are impossible.

Just a ball of black mass and the messy tangle of the threads of life.
Such an ordinary mystery it's hard to believe your not imaginary.
And although i'm hardly swept off my feet you could rival a thousand
Racing winds, could you melt the icy ridges climbing the mountains?

There is humor in the failure, and a softly stroked sun too young.
Dawn frames your mind, not the waiting kind or patient kind either.
And without a healthy skip of a fragile organ away, blood drips and
Dips into the crevices and caves of  the caverns in you're homely heart.

If a star exploded there it would flake and die, captured in your eye.
I doubt charity crosses the empty eternities between mind and fire.
And although the rumbles of the rocks and boulders fall on your
Shoulders, the enormity won't let you lie yet, neither will my fantasies.

You, are impossible


Given a year of mistaken fumbling and wrong feet taking the left
Fork instead of the right, should give me two to buy at least one
So take a birch branch away and swat the moon away, try to
prevent it sinking into another untimely day. I doubt I've learnt to
When a foot digs crusty and ready down unfurling curls and clods
of mud, weeping waterfalls jump off a side of earth. Dreams of a
I followed a fanciful fall with each thump of it's heart and teetering
compulsion to glorify and magnify. Surely if mistakes where made
The eternity folds rapidly, unchanging. One tree is two I'll give up
My shoe for a slice of the action, I'll remember this time, heart
Attacks are bad.
Thank God it's fatal, I was never one to do things half-heartedly.