Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Forgotten Thursday Ago

Keeping little dreams cradled and cotton wolled under my bonnet,
Creeping fear of the baby- green romantic Queen inside my obsessive mind.

There's a heart there, burried under a consistancy of feining sanity.
It's just small, unprompted and expectant, even a little hesitant.

Should it cry at each sun's wake and fall, declare it all and confess my erratic
Sins, I'm doomed to clean up a thousand forgotton love songs.

Another improptu fantasy I would die for,
Or a naked lie to live a little for. So rest your beating, you're a failure now.

Be glad smiling's no chore and the hum of love leaves your imagination sore.
Theres a letter or few waiting for you, no longer fast and just thrive.

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