Sunday, 28 November 2010

Only Lies Remember You.

Bathed in true pink and blue, are the
Coral sprouts of forests and frosted fields.
Thick thatches of rain are frozen in time,
along the 13 bus route- transposing every
Day upon each other, stacked and hardly

Soggy silver clouds are prodded by a
Blinding sun, not just orange but glowing
Gem of one. It's bent back supported by
Occasional street lamps, tall and lingering,
Imposing the social vigil. My craned neck

There's not a pretty boy alive nor a single
Eagle soaring that could draw a single eye.
No stars or nebula, or revelation of the
Moon, that could rival the sunset show. A
waiting audience, for the end. Always the

Naked pupils like the days and years ago
We were born. Just like the days we'll be
Stupefied and torn between Heaven and
Earth. Buried alive, the sun still burning our
Eyes like no one else will ever know. Like

Could other eyes ever see me when I was
Three, the enormity of another life ignored
And another sunset forgotten. Because
Bath was never drenched with snow near
December. Because no one else could

So undecided and captured by another
Ball of burning anger, how dare they hurt
You and rain on your parade. Were only
Human, and your relentless strides hurt us
Too. It's your fault we die, fade, forget

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