Thursday, 28 October 2010

Princess Di

Could I have ever been like you,
When the world was peachy pink
A flustered kind of hue?
Well understanding is overrated
And just to know you would
Have made my heart elated

I spent a decade in the dark,
And another hanging in confusing
Whispered shades of grey.
It was hard to comprehend your
Existence, neither imaginary nor
Real until I saw your body

Splayed across the telly screen.
Flashes of light expose your face,
Your blonde hair, like some kind
Of criminal or queen. Your death
Performed for me in a movie scene.
Your life no longer a state of mind.

So can you blame me when all I had was a pale picture frame?
Tucked out of reach and wrapped in dust, like the tissue paper
Hiding a wedding present.

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