Sunday, 10 October 2010

How Reminiscent

How reminiscent, electric fires in pouring rain.
Growing vines up creaking walls, like a pumping vein.
And if only the embers could shiver these timbers,
Then this house would never be lonely again.

The dead furs and forgotten flowers rising, walking.
Undisturbed shadows of whispers, can’t stop talking.
Just rest one step and be cocooned in a cradle of mud,
And clay, be dragged downwards and melting.

Whipped by the rip tide, and squashed by trees.
The fellow stranger is attacked by honey leaves.
Wrapped in bark, all but crooning and weeping
The willow tree bravely embarks for the seas.

The burning amber, scarlet to envy cold blame.
The sky smothered in violet like an accidental ink stain.
Harboring glassy eyes and dancing on carpet- soft
Grass, eyeing the horses, you’ll forget why you came.

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