Thursday, 14 October 2010


Thick, thumping whirpools, glowing and fizzing deep purples into life. 
Rocking lullabuyes into sleep, swimming in front of my eyes and ears.

A wide eyed cyclops staring at a freckled sky. Gravity reppeling, 
Stuck to the celing with impossible glue, the meat on my skin attracted too.

Delicately dangling, picked fresh by hot headed fingers and hung over a caldron, 
boiling and leaving fragile frosts upon the fields. Chilling our bones into monster's meals.

Covert lappnig gold and amathysts, sapphires bound for shoreline horizons.
Crest and fall, envelop theese hills and peel my body away from it all.

Pinned in the heart, stark and frozen, Naked and empty, bleak and lonely.
Charity and chastitry binding poor limbs and numb skulls, stupid and petrified. 

Dumb as we lie, dead 'till we die.

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