Saturday, 4 September 2010


Funny how things come and go and the overwhelming feelings ebb and flow

Slow and seeping my mind is weeping for just a wink a kiss or maybe my hand pressed to your back
Silky smooth and the hardest bones, weathered by a lonely eternity without love

Run a finger up the caved in spine, a long stalagmite jagged and breaking under the weight of a heart that beats too much too fast, lives too hard too fast

Like your dad.

You’re a whimpering mess that pleads and suffocates me, as you tear at my ankle, and push my shivering spine to shake, quiver and beg


How dare you turn me, unfurl me and uncurl me fear me as I fear you, vicious circles biting at my ankles
Tongue lolling and rolling over the bones, lick, lick, ick

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