Thursday, 23 September 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, upon a hill far, far away
So high up you’re euphoric from the suffocation
And the cities are just the embers left from hormonal love.
Say, stay and be complete, even if it’s not forever and ever.

Coral skies are set in stone, falling petal by petal,
Heavy and grounding, pinning your arms to his chest.
The rose tinted- glass can’t deny, I, was repulsed.
But dragged by raked finger nails along my thigh.

Castrated in black and blue and golden, holy white ribbons.
Navy blue cloaks wrapped around my ankles,
And blinding stars babbling of everlasting love that’s
Reachable, achievable. Surely that’s inconceivable?

A crippled flower flake hits the floor and I guess
The hairs on your face are the scars on your back.
The flesh on your bones is similar to mine,
Monster or man? Let the love decide.

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